This distro just opened. So yeah, their isn't gonna be a lot of stuff on here as of now. Hopefully, we can change that so bare with us.

We Just Opened!!! Yay!!!

After years of bragging, I have finally decided to get off of my lazy ass and start a zine distro. Of course right now, their are not many zines here. Actually, their aren't ANY zines here. This is where you, the reader comes in. if you would like to submit your zine, feel free to. Make sure you read the submissions page for guidelines before submitting.

About Red Scab Distro:

Red Scab Distro is a distro that distributes various zines. Our mission is to provide people with different kinds of zines, and to also provide zinesters with a voice, and to get their work seen. We make absolutley no money out of this. We do this because we love zines, and so should you.

support your local zinesters and underground publishing!!!!